Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why I Cannot Support John McCain

I used to like John McCain. I used to think that he was smart.
I am sure he is a nice enough man, dispite the rumors about his temper.
But last week John McCain proved to me once and for all that he is not competent to be President.

Last Friday, John McCain laid out his plan for send 20,000 MORE U.S. Soldiers.

We have already got 150,000 troops on the ground and the country is in a civil war, and according to Senator McCain, it is all because we are short by a measily 20,000 soldiers.

I seriously have to question his sanity.

I cannot imagine a more idiotic plan for Iraq. First of all, 20,000 is a ridiculous number. If we sent 100,000 more troops, it would not make a difference. The country has already deteriorated into Civil War. The time when a few more troops on the ground would have made a difference is long over.

A study done by the U.S. Military in 1999 said that it even if we sent 400,000 troops the country still could have slid into chaos.

At this point all our Soldiers are doing is standing around in the middle of a civil war, "watching the flames", as one soldier in Iraq put it.

Unless he is going to call for a serious number of troops, like 250,000, then he should be talking abuot how we are going to pull our boys out of that hellhole.

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Anonymous said...

DAMN! Now that's a helluva picture of McCain.

What the hell was he doing at the time the picture was taken?

You're right. 20,000 is a bizarre number. How arbitrary!