Monday, May 16, 2011

Rick Snyder's job-killing agenda

Rick Snyder's senseless partisan attacks on the film industry have already cost Michigan thousands of jobs. The network officially announced they canceled the successful TV show Detroit 1-8-7 because of Rick Snyder. Marvel studios also announced they will no longer be filming the Avengers movie here in Michigan because Snyder removed the tax incentives. What is most frustrating is that tax incentives always used to be championed by Republicans but now that a Democrat successfully implemented them, Repblicans are suddenly against it. Its the worst, most harmful kind of partisan politics. The kind that does not care about the people at all. Thanks a lot Rick Snyder. May your term in office be very brief for all our sakes.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The rich don't create jobs, we do.

This is a great article over at truthout.

Actually, "the Rich" Don't "Create Jobs," We Do

Simply put, jobs are created to meet demand and demand is driven by how much money the average person has to spend, which is primarily driven by wages. Its not that complicated. Jobs are not gifts bestowed upon us by the rich. There are simple economic realities to how jobs are really created.

Trickle down economics has caused the economic crisis of today by keeping wages down so demand has plumetted, which is why there are no jobs being created. Think about it, the rich are doing great yet are creating no jobs. Why? Because the rich do not create jobs. Consumer demand does.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The rhetoric of violence - "Nothing better than a dead liberal"

After a political season marked by the rhetoric of violence, why is anyone surprised that we see violence?

I filmed this in 2009 at a local "tea party" protest in Michigan. At the time I found the casualness with which this woman started chanting "Nothing better than a dead liberal!" and the nonplussed reaction of the other protesters around her, chilling.

This was after we had already seen politically motivated assassination attempts against liberals, like Jim D Attkinson in 2008. In the killer's home they found books by right-wing provocateurs like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

Tea Party darling Sarah Palin recently put a target on Rep. Gifford's head and told her followers to "reload".

The shooting yesterday took place in Arizona, right next door to Nevada, where just a few months ago Sharon Angle proposed "second amendment remedies" to her "Harry Reid problem".

Not to mention all the rhetoric of the Bush era where people like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity called liberals "traitors" for not supporting the president, called for the death sentence for liberals and said that liberals should be "physically intimidated" and reminded that we can be killed.

Yes, obviously the shooter was insane. Isn't that a given? But does that excuse everyone in the public sphere from all responsibility for what influence they may have had on sick minds like that within the public?

That kind of rhetoric in the public sphere has real consequences.

As we are seeing for what seems like the millionth time.

And once again we see those who espouse the ideology of "personal responsibility" refusing to take ANY responsibility for their own use of violent rhetoric. For now, the Radical Right is feigning surprise and sympathy for the victims but they will be back out fomenting anti-liberal, anti-Democratic hate and violence again Monday morning.

The best way for the center/left to fight against this is to shine a huge spotlight on those doing it and expose the hate mongers for what they are. Shine a light the real effects their violent rhetoric has on society. Shine a light on the mindset that spawns these people who mistakenly think they have "second amendment remedies" to their electoral losses in a civil democratic society.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Did the Bush tax cuts create growth?

Judge for yourself.

Krugman - "There will be blood"

Paul Krugman's latest article is pretty incendiary.

Note that "longer-term structural deficits" = the whole system is broke and needs to be fixed.

"The fact is that one of our two great political parties has made it clear that it has no interest in making America governable, unless it’s doing the governing. And that party now controls one house of Congress, which means that the country will not, in fact, be governable without that party’s cooperation — cooperation that won’t be forthcoming.

Elite opinion has been slow to recognize this reality. Thus on the same day that Mr. Simpson rejoiced in the prospect of chaos, Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, appealed for help in confronting mass unemployment. He asked for “a fiscal program that combines near-term measures to enhance growth with strong, confidence-inducing steps to reduce longer-term structural deficits.”

My immediate thought was, why not ask for a pony, too? After all, the G.O.P. isn’t interested in helping the economy as long as a Democrat is in the White House. Indeed, far from being willing to help Mr. Bernanke’s efforts, Republicans are trying to bully the Fed itself into giving up completely on trying to reduce unemployment.

And on matters fiscal, the G.O.P. program is to do almost exactly the opposite of what Mr. Bernanke called for. On one side, Republicans oppose just about everything that might reduce structural deficits: they demand that the Bush tax cuts be made permanent while demagoguing efforts to limit the rise in Medicare costs, which are essential to any attempts to get the budget under control. On the other, the G.O.P. opposes anything that might help sustain demand in a depressed economy — even aid to small businesses, which the party claims to love.

Right now, in particular, Republicans are blocking an extension of unemployment benefits — an action that will both cause immense hardship and drain purchasing power from an already sputtering economy. But there’s no point appealing to the better angels of their nature; America just doesn’t work that way anymore.

And opposition for the sake of opposition isn’t limited to economic policy. Politics, they used to tell us, stops at the water’s edge — but that was then.

These days, national security experts are tearing their hair out over the decision of Senate Republicans to block a desperately needed new strategic arms treaty. And everyone knows that these Republicans oppose the treaty, not because of legitimate objections, but simply because it’s an Obama administration initiative; if sabotaging the president endangers the nation, so be it."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The root of political anger - wages

The Teahadists are tapping into a very real anger, but their members are being tricked and manipulated by the same corporate forces that are hurting them, into attacking the very thing that is their only protection from global corporatism, a democratic government. I have said it before and I will say it again, the root cause of the current economic crisis is the fact that real wages are declining. Wages have not kept pace with productivity since Reagan was president and they instituted their right-wing "voodoo economics". We never hear this on television and in the corporate media, but many economists and progressives are trying their best to get the truth out.

Robert Reich's recent column, "The root of economic fragility and political anger", hits the nail right on the head.

Missing from almost all discussion of America’s dizzying rate of unemployment is the brute fact that hourly wages of people with jobs have been dropping, adjusted for inflation. Average weekly earnings rose a bit this spring only because the typical worker put in more hours, but June’s decline in average hours pushed weekly paychecks down at an annualized rate of 4.5 percent.

In other words, Americans are keeping their jobs or finding new ones only by accepting lower wages.

The old adage still holds true - "It's all about cheap labor".
America was at its most prosperous when wages were high, which was because of labor unions and progressive policies that protected American businesses and interests.

Today, 30 years after Reagan, right wing corporatist policies, such as, outsourcing and globalization, have raped and pillaged America's economy. It has hollowed out our national infrastructure and reduced unionization to the point that real wages for working Americans are falling because we are forced to compete with slave labor in foreign countries.

This is the real reason for political anger in America, even though most Americans don't even realize it. Even most politicians seem ignorant of this simple truth, including President Obama, who appears to also buy into "voodoo economics" because his nominations have been stocked with Wall Street corporatists, such as Geitner and Paulson.