Sunday, November 12, 2006

Democrats' First Order of Business - Impeach Cheney

The Democrats first order of business upon convening as a majority party this January should be to target Dick Cheney for impeachment. They can use him as the starting off point for investigations into the entire energy industry. Perhaps we can finally find out what Cheney was hiding with his "Secret Energy Taskforce" meetings during their first term.

They can then use the threat of investigations against Bush to get him to agree not to use his Veto power on any legislation they pass. Then they can get to work repairing the damage done to America, starting with the minimum wage and hopefully moving on to repealing the Anti-American "Patriot Act".

They never said that impeachment was off the table for Cheney, so there will be no real political repercussions for doing it. By impeaching Cheney first, would also insure that should they decide to impeach Bush at some point, Cheney could not replace him. But so much more can potentially be accomplished by going to Bush and offering to leave him alone so long as he cooperates with passing the legislation. They may even be able to force Bush to rightly take responsibility for his lost war and preclude the GOP attempting to tar the Democrats with it.

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