Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SPEAKER PELOSI.....I like the sound of that.

Good News for the most part.

The days of the Doormat Congress are over.

We have some oversight in our Government again.

Democrats take the House of Representatives. That gives them chairs of the committees and subpoena power.

Claire McCaskill came back from behind to win in Mossouri, thanks in part to Rush Limbaugh.

Katherine Harris was decimated in Florida. That was a trainwreck.

The final tallies are not in but it is not looking good for Nancy Skinner, unfortunately.

I did a little work for her campaign and I liked her as a cantidate. I think she has a lot of good ideas and she seems very genuine.

There are just too many rich people here in Oakland County who actually benefitted from those tax cuts.

That said, Nancy came very close (48% last I saw) especially for such a strong Republican county.

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