Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Obama in Berlin Today

These are two of the most iconic photos of the Obama and McCain campaigns I have ever seen.

Obama in Berlin today:
McCain was also represented:

As Matt Littman put it so well:

McCain Makes the Biggest Political Mistake of Our Lifetimes

Mondale promised to raise taxes. Dukakis was in the tank. Kerry was for the war before he was against it. All mistakes, mistakes that should never have been made and errors that turn the course of an election. We hear about them all the time. But now, just as the memory of Bill Buckner's error took a backseat for Red Sox fans when their team finally won the World Series, John McCain has made the biggest mistake in politics, an error of such magnitude that he has probably cost himself a shot at the White House.

Senator McCain, knowing that he held an edge on Barack Obama on the "Commander in Chief" question, badly overplayed his hand. He taunted Senator Obama on his lack of foreign policy experience and he challenged Obama to go to Iraq. He sneered at Obama for formulating an Iraq policy prior to traveling to the war zone. He even offered to go with him to Iraq, as if Obama needed his hand held by the man with military experience.

McCain wanted the public to believe that Obama was a novice, a whipper-snapper who would jeopardize our nation's security.

Obama listened to McCain's attempted bullying and said, "You know what? I'll go to Iraq. And Afghanistan, Israel, Germany -- I'll make this a big foreign policy trip abroad. I'll show the voters back home that the world still really does love the United States, they just don't love President Bush or John McCain."

And Obama went abroad, with the world's press following him, clinging to his every word, oohing and aahing at his every jump shot, hoping to catch a glimpse of his every smile.

The trip: the biggest success of the campaign. The Commander in Chief question: negated. Heck of job, McCain.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Naomi Klein Debunks Bush's Offshore Drilling Plan

And she does it from within the belly of the beast.


Last week, after the Supreme Court's ruling on the 2nd amendment, a gun activist decided to sue Disney and challenge their gun ban claiming that he has a constitutional right to bring firearms to Disneyworld.

This week, another guy shot himself with his own gun at Downtown Disney while taking his son to a movie.

Oh, the irony...

Friday, July 11, 2008

McCain Campaign Kicks Out Little Old Lady For Holding A Sign

From the Denver Post:

It was Sen. John McCain's staff who asked security at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to remove people holding protest signs at the venue -- not U.S. Secret Service agents, who were not involved in Carol Kreck's ouster from the galleria.

A video of the incident circulating widely on the Internet shows a DCPA security guard saying that he was told by the Secret Service to remove Kreck, who was holding a paper sign that said "McCain = Bush."

But Thursday, after two days of being vilified by bloggers, letter writers and others, the Secret Service emphatically denied involvement.

"Contrary to some recent reporting, the Secret Service had no involvement in Ms. Kreck being removed from the area," said Malcolm D. Wiley Sr., spokesman for the Secret Service. "It was not done at our request or suggestion. Any assertion to the contrary is inaccurate and inconsistent with our established policies and procedures."

She asks a great question at the end. Why would a Republican be offended by a sign that says "McCain=Bush?"
Personally I think she is lucky she didn't get tasered.

UPDATE: Carol Kreck, the little old librarian herself, wrote a blog over at HufPo about this.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gore Vidal: Since Bush, "We No Longer Have A Republic"

This is an interview with historian, Gore Vidal, on what appears to be a European television show.

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July - The Declaration of Independence

This is a great reading of the Declaration of Independence by Thom Hartmann on his show the other day.

U.S. Rep calls for Impeachment hearings after McClellen testifies

Check out the story. They have video of Representative Wexler questioning Scott McClellen.

McClellen said that he doesn't think Bush was involved in the outting of Valerie Plame but that he would not defend Cheney and that he "would not rule out" that Cheney is responsible for the worst national security breach since 9-11.

Wexler closed by thundering: "The vice president's own hand betrays him, and Libby, and implicates the President of the United States. These facts in your testimony, Mr. McClellan, are more than enough, in my view, to open up impeachment hearings."

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Obama Speaking With Iraq War Vets

This is an interesting video of Barack Obama meeting with a group of young Iraq war veterans where he lays out his strategy for Iraq.

I prefer Obama's strategy over John McCain's rhetoric.

General Wesley Clark Is Right!

Here is General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, speaking the simple and absolute truth, John McCain's war experience does not make him qualified to be President of the United States.

General Clark does not word it as bluntly as I would, but he is speaking from exactly the right frame, that John McCain is a victim. While John McCain has my greatest sympathy for what he went through and I honor his sacrifice, that doesn't mean I want him to be my President.