Friday, July 11, 2008

McCain Campaign Kicks Out Little Old Lady For Holding A Sign

From the Denver Post:

It was Sen. John McCain's staff who asked security at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to remove people holding protest signs at the venue -- not U.S. Secret Service agents, who were not involved in Carol Kreck's ouster from the galleria.

A video of the incident circulating widely on the Internet shows a DCPA security guard saying that he was told by the Secret Service to remove Kreck, who was holding a paper sign that said "McCain = Bush."

But Thursday, after two days of being vilified by bloggers, letter writers and others, the Secret Service emphatically denied involvement.

"Contrary to some recent reporting, the Secret Service had no involvement in Ms. Kreck being removed from the area," said Malcolm D. Wiley Sr., spokesman for the Secret Service. "It was not done at our request or suggestion. Any assertion to the contrary is inaccurate and inconsistent with our established policies and procedures."

She asks a great question at the end. Why would a Republican be offended by a sign that says "McCain=Bush?"
Personally I think she is lucky she didn't get tasered.

UPDATE: Carol Kreck, the little old librarian herself, wrote a blog over at HufPo about this.

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Vigilante said...

Go Carol Kreck!

Bush = McCain = Putin = Mugabe = ??????