Saturday, November 04, 2006

Popular Photo Mocking Kerry is Fake

What a non-suprise. Photo of Solders with Banner mocking Kerry is Fake.

"A photograph mocking Sen. John Kerry that has gotten enormous TV, radio and online exposure has turned out to have Minnesota roots.

Members of a unit under the command of the Minnesota National Guard created the intentionally misspelled sign.

The sign, painted in thick, blue letters across a white banner says, "Halp us Jon Carry -- We R stuck hear n Irak."

The picture of the sign, held by eight soldiers, has raced across the Web and TV newscasts for the past three days.

Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, a spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard, said Thursday that the "Red Bull" logo and the number "1-34," seen on the bumper of a truck in the photo, indicate that the soldiers pictured are under the command of a Minnesota unit.

About 2,600 Minnesota Guard members have been deployed to Iraq and attached to the 1/34 Brigade Troops Battalion. The unit has soldiers from Minnesota and five other states, Olson said."

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