Monday, October 30, 2006

Arms Control Center talks about Tactical Nuke in Baghdad

Dispite the silence from the Pentagon, people are still talking about the video of the explosion in Baghdad earlier this month that had the telltale bright flash of light, rising column of fire and mushroom cloud.

According to the Arms Control Center ( a "Tactical" nuclear weapon differs from a "strategic" nuclear weapon as follows:

"Strategic Nuclear Weapons" are the largest warheads, over 1 Megaton (1 million tons of TNT) in yield, with the highest yield blasts, designed to destroy entire cities or hardened military targets.

"Tactical Nuclear Weapons" are smaller warheads, with low yields from 0.1 to Kiloton (100 Tons of TNT) to 1 Megaton (1 million tons of TNT) designed to be used ON A BATTLEFIELD in a specific theater of operations. Hence, Tactical Nuclear Weapons create a much smaller blast, much lower blast area and far smaller blast wave (wind).

The Arms Control Center also says Tactical Nuclear Weapons can be as small as an artillery shell.

The explosion in the video seems to indicate exactly that type of tactical nuclear explosion. The brilliant white flash is key to making this identification. As seen in the video, the flash was far more spectacular (by a factor
of 100) and lasted far longer than any and all other explosions at the ammo dump. This fits what one would
expect to see with a 0.1 Kiloton tacical nuclear detonation.

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