Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Camp Falcon Coverup

Did a Tactical Nuke go off in southern Baghdad on October 10th? Or was it a Dasiycutter that went off in the city?

This is possibly the biggest story of the year and most Americans won't hear a peep about it out of the Corporate American Media.

I have often wondered just how desperate the Republicans are right now. What lengths would they go to in order to preserve their power in the coming election?

We already know about the gerrymandering, and the crooked secretaries of state who are bought and paid for by republicans and their corporate masters. We know about Choicepoint, Inc. and the lists of votes that were thrown out.

But if we were attacked and the situation in Iraq has taken a serious turn for the worse, would they try to cover it up? For instance, if we had an Ammo dump in Baghdad attacked and a tactical nuke was detonated during that attack, would they tell the American people? Or would they clam up and hope nobody noticed?

If this breaking story is true, then it is going to be HUGE.

On October 10th, Iraqi insurgents launched at attack described as "one of the most sustained and ferocious mortar and rocket attacks in three years."

During this attack, the insurgents blew up an Ammo Dump at Camp Falcon. It was the largest U.S. Ammo dump in Iraq and reportedly contained some depleated Uranium and Chemical weapons. The size of some explosions have led to suspisions there were also tactical nukes or possibly daisycutters in that dump as well. The Pentagon initially reported no casualties but Arabic News Services have reported 9 cargo planes of casualties were unloaded at the al-Habbaniyah military hospital.

Pictures and video that have made it to the Internet show huge explosions that reportedly lasted three hours. Some pictures show explosions so large that from miles away it turned the night into day.

Here is a Video of the Explosions from an Arabic News Service. At 3:57 in the video there is a huge explosion and mushroom cloud. What the hell is going on over there?!?!

Here is a timeline of the story so far, titled Camp Falcon, What Really Happened?

The U.S. government is being unusually quiet about an attack of this magnitude, and as usual the corporate U.S. media is following suit and not asking any questions.
Fortunately, information is getting out via foreign and independant news agencies.

I will post more as more information comes out.

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This is another report from a non-muslim source.,ttack_on_camp_falcon_supplement.htm