Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration in the U.S.A.

I thought this summed up my feelings today.

Everybody knows America is polarized right now. Let's face it, we have been since the inception of the two party system. This blog and millions of blogs like it are reflections of that condition and how it has intensified since 9-11. Security has become a real issue but Washington Politicians and the Media are still using it as a divisive tool.

Both parties have come forward with extremely similar bills, but the Republicans are falsely accusing the Democrat's bill of giving "Amnesty" when that is not true. The Democrats are doing the same thing the Republican bill is, making them pay a fine and work in the country for a time before being eligable for citizenship. The only real differences are how much of a fine and how long should they work here.

Republicans are divided over this issue. Many Republicans are making the "amnesty" charge of against their own party. Many of their base, those who support the minutemen, are rallying behind the extreme right's face on immigration, Tom Tancredo. Rep. Tancredo has put forward a bill in congress that calls for an indefinate moratorium on all immigration. That's right, legal immigration as well.
He is of the belief that we should close our borders and start kicking people out.

It is a legislative start towards "ethnic cleansing".

In my opinion the focus of this debate is on the wrong target. Illegal immigration is occuring because Employers are employing illegal immigrants by the tens of thousands in every city across the country. The employers are the ones creating the environment that draws the people here through illegal channels. They truck them across the border to fill the black market demand for a psudo-slave workforce.

We need to put the focus on the Employers who hire these people illegally and who create this situation and who perpetuate myths such as that the immigrants are doing "jobs Americans are not willing to do."

That is nonsense. Americans are willing to do those jobs, but the employers do not want to pay legal wages.

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