Friday, April 28, 2006

End Republican Giveaways to Rich Oil Companies

Are you aware that Republicans in Congress have been giving away Billions of YOUR tax dollars to the already rich oil companies? Most Americans are not. Thanks to the "liberal" corporate media, they have not been reporting this phenonmenon.

Normally when an oil company drills for oil on someone else's land they have to pay the owners royalties for the right to drill on their land. In the case of Federal public lands, they had to pay royalties to the American people.

In the late 90s and again last year, the Republican Congress voted to suspend thos royalty payments for the oil companies. During a period when those companies are the most profitable corporations in the world, Congress decided that they need financial "relief" from their reasonable obligations to the owners of the land they are drilling.

In Response Democrats in Congress have put forward the Royalty Relief for American Consumers Act of 2006. This Act would force the oil companies to pay the billions in royalties that they owe to the American people.

Senator Ron Wyden brought the entire Senate to a screeching halt for 5 hours yestersday in an attempt to get Senate Republicans to see logic for once. On the same day that House Speaker Dennis Hastert got caught leaving a photo-op at a local gas station in a hydrogen vehicle, only to go a couple blocks and switch into his gas guzzling SUV.

Senator Wyden was unsuccessful in getting Republicans to see reason, of course.

The Oil Companies bought and paid for Congress long ago.

This is just another example of proof to add to the pile.

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