Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is the President Above the Law?

The resolution proposed by Russ Feingold to censure George W. Bush is a very important issue that shouldn't be ignored by the "liberal" media.

The "liberal" media is going along with the Republican talking points, as usual, and are focuing not on the censure resolution, but on the Democrats and the partisan spin the Republicans are trying to put on this.

The real issue is the discussion that America needs to have about whether our President is really above the law, as he and the Republicans claim.

So long as the President is a Republican, they want him unhindered by the law.
You remember "law"? It is what keeps our society from breaking down into anarchy.
It is exactly the thing they lack in Iraq.

The issue is simple, George W Bush could have done the surveillence legally, but he CHOSE to circumvent the courts and do it illegally.
The Republicans do not think that the President should abide by the law. Their stance is clear.

The Question they are desperate from having Americans ask themselves is, Do we want a President who is above the law?

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