Saturday, July 02, 2005

Well, there goes the Supreme Court...

America is soon going to learn the true meaning of "Judicial Activism".

With the retirement of Sandra Day O'Conner and the illness of Judge Rhenquist, we are soon going to have forced upon us some of the most extremist anti-abortion, anti-corporate liability, anti-worker's rights and pro-corporate special interest Judges we have seen... well, probably ever.

If you thought Scalia was a right winger, you haven't seen anything yet.

There has been a lot of attention focused on Abortion by both sides, because it is an emotional issue. However I have been saying for a long time that an overlooked key difference that is the Republican's historical track record of putting corporate interests above those of the individual citizens.

Remember, the last time we had a Supreme Court that was this far to the right; they gave corporations the same rights as individuals, such as privacy. Corporate America has proven time and again that there is not enough transparency in their dealings.

On Bush's Short list are people such as:

Janice Rogers Brown

Edith Jones

All of Bush's choices are people who have a habit of interjecting their own personal beliefs and opinions into their opinions and who have publicly stated their contempt for abortion rights, church-state separation and worker's rights.

What is at risk? A whole host of rights and protections that most Americans take for granted, from worker's Comp to the 40 hour workweek.

It is sad to say, but I fully expect that most Americans will not wake up in time from their 9-11 fear-driven fantasy that if they give up their liberty they will get more than just the appearance of security. In other words, they won't miss their liberty until after they lose it.

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