Sunday, July 10, 2005


This is how we can fix the electoral system and end the rule of the two party system in America -

Every qualified candidate gets X amount of money from the general fund with which to campaign. Donations are illegal.

Right now the two parties are dominating because of the way campaigns are financed.
Most donors consider a third party candidate to be a "bad bet".

Because of the vast disparity of money between the two "major party" candidates and the "third parties", the elections devolved into nothing but propaganda and rhetoric so the issues have been completely drown out.

If every candidate has the same, set amount of money with which to campaign you will level the playing field and see a LOT more focus being put on ideas and the issues and less on trying to smear each other. You will also break up the longstanding good ole boys club in Washington D.C.

If you level the playing field it forces the cantidates to campaign on ideas and you would break up the good ole boys club in American politics.

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