Friday, January 25, 2008

Bush Wants To Cut Anti-Terror Funding By More Than 50%!

I would think the corporate media would be giving this more coverage, since a lot of that money would end up in their hands. General Electric, who owns NBC, also owns defense companies that could be losing money over this.

Yes, the President who has, for years, assured us that it is his job to keep us all safe while at the same time relentlessly fear mongering about the threat of terrorism, now says he wants to cut the amount of money going to states for Homeland Security by more than half.

Is he admitting that terrorism is not the problem that he has been hyping it to be?

The Bush Administration wants to cut Homeland Security money to cities across the country.

According to papers obtained by the Associated Press, the administration wants to reduce anti-terrorism funding by more than 50% next year.

States that expected to get more than $3 billion to protect against terrorist attacks would get $1.4 million instead.

It could mean agencies that have bought high-tech rapid response trucks, as Tucson has done, may not have the money to maintain the equipment years down the road.

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