Friday, October 26, 2007

I Worry About the Future...

I know that the entire scenario is set up for Bush, or whoever is President, to take complete dictatorial control if there is ever another disaster or emergency anywhere in the world. He simply has to enact HSPD 51 and he would take control and all other branches would become subservient to him.

We already lost Habeus Corpus.

They already repealed Posse Comatatus.

They already created a private army of foreign mercenaries who have already been patrolling American streets since hurricane Katrina.

All the dominoes are in place, all it is going to take is some force to knock the first one down...

The only thing is, I sincerely do not believe that Bush wants to stay in power. I don't think he thinks being President is fun or cool anymore. I really think he is ready to get back to the ranch and "refill the old coffers".

Honestly, I am very concerned about what is going to happen at the
election of 2008. The Republican Caging Operation remains out there,
for the most part, unopposed and unknown to the public at large. Their
partisan Secretaries of State remain in power in many key states, some
them them still brazen in their partisanship by being involved in a
candidates campaign while at the same time being responsible for the
validity of the election in their state. Does anyone seriously believe
Katherine Harris was not a Bush toady? Especially after her complete
meltdown last year during the election, does anyone still believe that
she was not capable of throwing the election in Florida for Bush? Is
that is why they had to make the inappropriate, desperate, 11th hour
appeal to the Federal Supreme Court to stop the recount in Florida? I
can't prove anything but the circumstantial evidence is there and the
whole thing stinks to high heaven of criminality.

Add to that the fact that our economy is teetering on the brink of
recession and the whole thing becomes very ominous.

In the 1980s under Reagan, they fundamentally changed our economy with
supply-side economics and instead of fueling demand with wages, as had
been successfully done for decades, they started fueling demand with
credit instead. That was when credit cards really took off and the sub
prime mortgage market started to boom. It worked for two decades, but
you cannot fuel an economy on debt forever and we are at the end of
our rope. All it is going to take is China, India or some other major
foreign investor to stop buying our debt, or for OPEC countries to
peg the price of oil to the Euro instead of the
Dollar and the value of our money will plummet.

The value of our dollar has been in free fall for a while and the
bottom is about to fall out, but I think that they are just trying to
keep it from happening until after the 2008 election.

Imagine, a Republican, chosen by the corporate powers that be, gets
the nomination and after a contentious election, on the morning of
November 8th, 2008 the media simply announces that the Republican
candidate has won the election.

Who is going to stop them?
Who is going to challenge it?

The Bush administration?
The Partisan Justice Department?
The Roberts Supreme Court?

So after being in office x amount of days, a large bomb goes off in a
major US city during rush hour and kills hundreds of people.

The President steps in and the first domino falls...

Karl Rove gets his 100 years of Republican rule...

The neocons get their war with Iran...

"The real question is not whether you are too paranoid, the real
question is are you paranoid enough?" - strange days

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