Monday, August 27, 2007

For Tyranny to Reign, First Kill All the Lawyers

Charles Schumer just pointed out the fact that our country currently lacks anyone in any of the top three positions in the Justice Department.

Right now, we have no Attorney General, no Deputy Attorney General or Associate Attorney General.

And one has to ask, which is preferable, bad leadership or no leadership?

Gonzo was one of the worst, most dishonest and most partisan Attorney Generals America ever had to suffer through. The damage he did to our justice system with his unethical, blatent partisan politcization of the justice system will be with us for years, possibly decades to come. By following Karl Rove's directives, he set a prescedent of making the Attorney General nothing more than a partisan stooge.

The Democrats have an opprotunity to redeem themselves by finding their spines and NOT voting to confirm any replacement that is going to be another partisan stooge who compromies our entire political system. They have a responsibility to make sure that any replacement is going to be independant and will enfore the law evenly, on everyone, including members of the party that nominated him/her.

Contrary to Republican beliefs, no one should be above the law.

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