Friday, March 02, 2007

Had a DUI? Forget about going to Canada!

Have you heard about this yet? I am suprised it isn't getting more attention.

If you are an American trying to go to Canada and you have even a minor criminal conviction on your record, including misdemeanors, as far back as your juvinille record, you will now be turned back at the border.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, or posession of marijuana, even on your juvinille record, you have to obtain a waiver saying you are "rehabilitated". They cost money, involve a lot of paperwork and take approx 6 months to get.


Garrett said...

I can't even really say its unfair. If we catch a Canadian crossing into our border there's the chance they may be taken away to be tortured. We can't beefen up the security of our borders and expect to be welcomed into other countries. A wall is a wall.

Demosthenese_01 said...

Good point. I found out after I posted this that it goes both ways. We also passed a law saying that no canadian with a criminal record can get into the states anymore. Turned out there was a guy I worked with who lived in Windsor and had a DUI back in the 70s and they stopped letting him into the country for work. It takes 6 months to apply for an exception.

DictionaryDave said...

I knew about this awhile ago. I had a soldier turned back from border for DUI. I knew another sodlier whose mother-in-law was truned back for possesion charge from like 20 years ago. I thought I told you about this?