Monday, February 05, 2007


I watched Superbowl 41 last night and I must say I was a little disappointed. Not in the game but in the commercials. I have always looked forward to watching the new, amusing, and interesting ads. Usually numerous companies take advantage of the captive audience. Such commercials as Ridley Scott's Mac Commercial, the Bud Bowl and others have debuted during the Superbowl.
This year about all of them sucked. It costs millions to get an ad on the Superbowl and it appears a majority of companies wasted their money. For the most part the ads were boring, tasteless and some I swear were reruns.
To make matters worse it appeared as if every other ad was for a CBS show. I mean you always expect whatever network that is broadcasting the Superbowl to plug their own shows. This was ridiculous I think over half the ads were for CBS.

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Demosthenese_01 said...

I didn't see the game on TV but I watched some of the Ads on myspace this morning. There were a couple funny ones.

The Carlos Mencia immigrant commercial was pretty funny and so was the "fist bump" commercial.