Monday, June 26, 2006

Murder Most Fowl

I had the strangest experience on my way to work yesterday.

I killed a Duck.

Not on purpose, mind you. Total accident.

Actually I think it was murdered...Or executed, or something. Let me explain.

I was driving east on 17 mile in Sterling Heights. There were very few other cars out at that moment. There was a large flock on ducks standing on the side of the road ahead of me. As I approached I saw one lone Duck standing by the edge of the road, a little apart from the rest of the flock. He was facing the road with his back to the flock.

Suddenly I saw several ducks from the flock rush forward towards the duck at the side of the road. As they surged forward, the duck as the side of the road leaped backwards right in front of my car. I as actually surprised at how small the impact I felt was. I saw a small puff of feathers as he disappeared underneath the hood of my car. I looked in my rearview and saw a decidedly unduck-like mass on the ground by the gutter.

I have no idea what interpersonal Duck drama was going on at that moment between the ducks, but I have to wonder if those Ducks purposely waited for a car to come along before rushing the victim? I doubt it, but it still felt creepy when it happened.

Well, then I laughed because I thought of the title above.

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