Sunday, April 11, 2010

Useful Idiots On Parade

Hey Teahadists,

Multinational corporations would like to thank you for your support.

You must watch the videos. They show that the Oakland Press is not trying to make these people look stupid, they just are that stupid.

I would like to point out a couple of things.

First, Linda Comis a supposedly "conservative Republican" had the nerve to complain
“We don’t need a one-world government; we weren’t founded that way,”.

Linda, the only president in my memory who ever talked about a "new world order" of a one world government was George HW Bush, another conservative Republican.

Then Linda actually said out-loud, in front of other adults:

“We’re shipping our jobs to other countries and bringing in their garbage ... and throwing us out to the wolves.”

Once again, Reality and Linda seem to be strangers. Linda seems to be ignorant of the fact that conservatives, especially conservative Republicans, support, as her host said, "true capitalism" which is, "globalization", a fancy way of saying "shipping American jobs overseas." I have a chart for you Linda.

You notice a problem with your claims? They don't match reality. Yes, the reality is American jobs have been getting shipped overseas for decades for the most part with the full support of every conservative Republican in the country. Conservatives are the ones who claimed corporations were people in the first place and allowed them to start gathering such unprecedented power.

Why the sudden change in direction toward populism? It is very unlike a conservative Republican. Obviously you have had an awakening to the reality of America in decline, as many progressives, like Dr. Paul Krugman and Professor Ravi Batra have been warning you about for decades. America is in decline because of the attack on the Middle Class by Conservative Republicans. Have you noticed that the decline of the American middle class and economy has mirrored the decline in unionized workplaces? Are you aware that those miners in Virginia would not have had to die if they had been unionized, because the workers would have had the right to refuse to go down into known dangerous conditions collectively. Instead the mining company, Massey Energy, was able to get enough workers who were desperate enough or scared enough of losing their job that they were willing to go down and the predictable yet preventable tragedy occured.

It didn't have to be that way. If the workers had a union, they would have had the right to say, "No, we won't go down there until you pay the money to make the working conditions safe". But alas, 30 years of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and their ilk corroding the collective gray matter of "conservative Republicans" with lies about how unions and progressives are their enemy and put up straw men racial stereotypes like "welfare queens" while their own corporate masters quietly took over the world.

The reality is Carl Knaus, Fox News and the conservative media are lying to you. They are manipulating you and using you for their own multi-national corporate ends.

Jobs have not been shipped overseas because of "socialism", like our fire departments. Or because of some conspiracy to make you stop driving an SUV.

American jobs were shipped overseas because labor there is cheaper for multi-national corporations.
The same multi-national corporations who own the media and the military-industrial complex. The same multi-national corporations who benefited from your attacks on labor unions over the last 50 years. They are the "new world order" otherwise known as "Wall Street", although they exist on multiple international exchanges, and are the same people who received the "bailout" Linda Comis claims to be so angry about. This is an excellent website for seeing their web of power, and how it all inter-connects.

And I have more news for Linda Comis and Carl Knaus... Progressives are not your enemy. Progressives are your neighbors and your countrymen. They are your class-mates and your coworkers.

Contrary to Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and all the corporate hate mongers trying to distract you and misdirect you. Socialism is not some conspiracy of a "new world order", the new world order is already in control and they are shilling for it whether you know it or not.

Your real enemy are the people who sent our jobs overseas and profit from violating our fourth amendment rights by selling our information, and profit from locking us up in their private prisons. The real enemy are multi-national corporations and the small elite group of people who sit on their boards. They are the very new world order you claim to dislike but who benefits by people like you running throwing bricks through the windows of your elected Representatives.

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