Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Fameous McCains

The Democrats had better learn how to define John Sidney McCain III and quick or they are going to lose this election. John McCain is not a "war hero"; he is a victim of torture.

He is victim of torture who was broken, physically and mentally and cooperated with the enemy because of it! That makes him someone I feel very sorry for but it doesn't make him a hero.

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Green Eagle said...

Here is John McCain's war record. This son and grandson of admirals was admitted to Annapolis, where he graduated in the bottom 10 of a class of over 700. He was then trained as an aviator, flying A4's, which were ground attack planes. McCain flew 23 missions, totaling 20 hours of flight time, before being shot down. That's this great hero's war record: a grand total of 20 hours in combat. 20 HOURS! John Kerry spent that long in combat on many days.

And as for McCain's time in prison, if spending 5 years in a cage qualifies someone to be president, please let me know, as I am thinking of running my parrot.