Monday, December 11, 2006

The Hugs for Jacey Campaign

This is a very touching campaign of support for a little girl who is battling Lukemia. My heart absolutely breaks watching the videos her mother posted of her. This wonderful woman started this campaign and it is very uplifting to see the huge outpouring of love for this little girl from total strangers.

Her Mother posts videos of her here.

This is a great statement from Jacey's Mother.

"We are NOT soliciting gifts or donations Please know that Most major cities have children's hospitals and they are full of kids like Jacey. Those kids would be just as happy to get gifts as Jacey would. People wanting to donate money should make a donation to the Leukemia Society or St Judes and all kids fighting leukemia and other cancers will benifit from it. THE BEST THING PEOPLE CAN DO IS DONATE PLATELETS. All kids fighting cancer need those to stay alive."

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