Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why Lieberman Needs To Go

Congressman Joe Lieberman has stated recently that if he lost the Democratic primary then he might consider running for President as an indepentant.

That would be a huge blessing for the Democrats.

Lieberman is considered a Benedict Arnold to Most Democrats, who know him as the Fox News regular who has nothing good to say about his own party. Lieberman is a favorite of Republicans who like to point to him to claim they are not partisan. There is even a movement on the right to have Lieberman run with McCain.

If Lieberman ran as an independant he would draw off more Republican votes then Democratic, and would actually be helping the Democrats by leaving their party.

Lets face it, after witnessing the Republican election antics from 2000 and 2004, the only way the Democrats can win an election now is for it to be a landslide, so that Republican manipulation of the votes can't cope with the sheer numbers.

If Democrats are smart, especially in Liebermans's district, they will oppose his bid for the Democratic nomination because that is clearly what is best for the party.

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