Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Much Fear Can The Fear Mongers.... um, Monge?

Is Bush wagging the dog again?

For a week, the Conservative Media has been inundating Americans with the idea of a threat from North Korea because they were going to test fire some missiles. Just a couple of Months ago the threat of the day was Iran, but that story lost ratings as America's tiny attention span was distracted by important issues like American Idol. As soon as they sensed slow news cycle begin, that could cause the media to slip into covering relevant issues out of boredom, this wonderfully convenient story pops up.

The Conservative Media, in all their fear-mongering glory, have managed to convince many Americans of a few erroneous things:

1. That North Korea's "new" missiles constitute a threat to America. This is technology that America was testing back in the 1960s. The farthest that their new "long range" missile can reach would be Alaska. We have submarine based Trident Missiles with longer ranges than that, parked right in North Korea's backyard.

Now, while it would be an ecological disaster if they did Nuke Alaska, the reality is that Alaska is a target of negative strategic value. If they bombed Alaska it would gain them nothing and would immediately unite America and the world against them.

North Korea would have a better chance of inflicting damage on American soil with a Submarine launched missile, which they have possessed for years but have not used. The only realistic possibility is that they might try invading South Korea in an attempt to reunite their country. America needs to ask itself, after the fall of the Soviet Union, is "Communism" still such a threatening concept that we would risk nuclear war to oppose it? It was Stalinism that was the real threat in the 50s, but Chinese Communists are our "Most Favored Trade Partner".

2. That America is capable of actually committing the necessary forces against North Korea right now. We are already fighting on two fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our Military is already "strained and at risk" because of our current commitments.

3. That Bush's empty threats constitute "diplomacy". One of Bush's first actions in office was to cut off direct talks with North Korea and he has refused to talk to them since. Instead of just sitting down and talking with North Korea, Bush was demanding six party talks with North Korea so we could gang up on them. Who in their right mind would accept that? This is High School Diplomacy, where Bush can't even talk to the big bad bully nation without his entire friend's behind him.

Consider the timing of this new "threat". Bush is one of the most unpopular Presidents in history. He has had approval ratings below 50% for his entire second term. His domestic policies have done nothing but cause the middle class in America to disappear even faster. The gap between the rich and the poor in America is larger then in any other advanced country.

Bush's foreign policies have all been bungled from the very beginning. His War of choice in Iraq hamstrung our efforts in Afghanistan, weakening the new government we helped create there and allowing the Taliban to regain a foothold in that country.

The "plan" Bush used to invade Iraq turned out to be one of the most inept, overly optimistic and shortsighted mistakes the U.S. has ever made.

Bush and the entire Republican Party, which dominates and controls all three branches of our Government right now, need a distraction. They have nothing to offer America except fear mongering. They are trying their damnest to keep America scared. From Bird Flu to Gay Marriage, from Iran to North Korea and their favorite standby, the ever nebulous generic threat of "The Terrorists". They are trying their damnest to keep America scared out of their wits.


Because if Americans do come to their senses, they will call for regime change at home.

But the Republicans only need to continue this until November.

The Clock is ticking...

Will America wake up in time?

Tune in tomorrow and see!

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