Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Flight 77 Should Have Looked

I have seen the "Official" Video of the Pentagon and I am now even more skeptical then I was before. I never used to believe any of the conspiracy theories about 9-11, and I still don't, but this raised some questions for me. Mostly because the object that appears in the video looks nothing whatsoever like the nose cone of a Boeing 757. I have traveled on a lot of Boeing 757s, and none of them looked like that.

A Boeing 757 has a large, short, wide nose. The object in the video is clearly a thin, long object.

Also, look how close to the ground it is and compare it to the scale graphic below. It's engines would have been scraping on the ground if it were that low, yet the lawn in front of the Pentagon was unblemished.

There have been several recreations of what a 757 should have looked like, and none of them jive with the official evidence.

There is also an animated .gif that can be seen here.

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