Tuesday, February 07, 2006

McCain Engages in Partisan Hackery

There was an exchange of letters between Senators John McCain and Barak Obama.
McCain *claimed* that he wanted to have a bipartisan effort towards ethics reform, but when Obama made the suggestion that they include ideas from Senator Reid's Honest Leadership Act, McCain responded in a decidedly immature manner, accusing Obama of "withdrawing from our bipartisan discussions".

McCain is clearly telling Obama that new ideas will not be tolerated in his so-called "discussion".

If you read all three letters, it is clear that McCain greatly overreacted. Obama responsed to his attack with Class and Tact.

It is too bad, because I used to have some respect for McCain, but he has fallen quite far downhill since he lost the GOP nomination in 2000. I think that Bush's "Vietnam Veterans against McCain" smear campaign damaged more than just his image. McCain seems to have decided that since bullying worked against him, that he is going to adopt that style himself.

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