Friday, December 03, 2004

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome. My name is Kyle, author, poet, bar-stool philosopher, network engineer and scoundrel. I currently reside in Rochester Hills, Michigan, home of... well nothing much to speak of, but they do have a really nice little downtown area with a few good bars and resteraunts and a nice park with a long bike trail.

We are next to Auburn Hills, now fameous for the fisticuffs that erupted during a Piston's game a couple of weeks ago. Personally I was not at all suprised by that. I guarentee you those guys who threw the cup were Red Wings fans.

What do you expect when Hockeytown has a year with no Hockey?
There are a lot of pissed off fans who are sick of premadonna, drama-queen millionaire players and they are going to see other sporting events this year. Ben Wallace, you had better behave.

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